DJANGORO is eco-conscious clothing brand designed for women.

We are slow fashion company committed to produce our pieces in the kindest way possible and to support organisations working extremely hard to advocate for our healthy environment.


" DJANGORO was born in 2018 in Western Australia. It was in that little corner of the Earth where I heard Nature’s plea for help and decided to listen. I believe we could all agree that eating local, fresh and organic foods, using natural beauty products or riding our bikes instead of driving is the right way to not only treat our bodies, but our planet as well.

I have been aware of that for a long time.

But there came a moment when I started asking questions about the clothing I was purchasing.  How come that this t-shirt costs only $5? Where does it end up when I throw it away? Who actually made it? Am I wearing toxic material?

It didn't take me long to learn about the impact fashion industry has our environment.

All the synthetic fabrics. The toxic chemicals. Plastic, packaging, waste, crazy sales, Black Fridays, buying without thinking what the real price of this all is.

While in Australia I found it easier to find sustainable clothing to wear and to live in a way which is kinder to our planet, I realised I had trouble to do so in Europe. During one beach clean-up session in the South Western part of Australia, I learned about a company in Italy which turns oceans waste into clothing and the seeds of DJANGORO were sown.

I returned to Europe, empowered by my vision to create a clothing brand for yoga and pilates which combines sustainability with fashion and allows women to feel beautiful and feminine without hurting our planet, the only home we all have in common.

I believe it is our responsibility to act now, knowing that as brands and consumers, with every dollar we spend today, we determine the world we want to live in tomorrow.

I don't think this is a 'trend', 'eco' or 'green' fashion. I think this is the only logical way to go.

Welcome to DJANGORO,

I am glad you are here."

~ Veronika Pecharova, founder