Fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world.


In most of the countries where fashion related garments and fibers are globally produced, they contribute to different forms of environmental pollution, including water, air, and soil pollution.

Overproduction of clothing, the use of synthetic fibers, untreated toxic waste waters from textiles factories dumped directly into rivers, the agricultural pollution of fashion crops, the amount of clothing being thrown away each year and the amount of water needed to produce each of the piece are one of the main causes.

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We had our planet in mind since day one with the decision to create all of our pieces with earth friendly materials, limit unnecessary waste, create sustainable manufacturing techniques and say no to highly synthetic fabrics, toxic use and waste.

Taking care and protecting planet on this level is crucial, but there is more to be done on the way to sustainability.


You will receive your order in a fully biodegradable mailer, which could be mistaken for a plastic one - but don't get confused - our mailer is food for worms. Just put it in with your food scraps or garden waste and you might even get flowers growing out of it.

For labelling and mailing, we use recycled and/or FSC certified material.


We are not only committed to people, but all living souls sharing this planet with us. We simply do not believe it is necessary to use or harm animals to produce fashion items, as well as we are aware of the environmental impact of animal agriculture. We are committed to never use any parts of animals for our clothing, including leather, silk, feathers or wool.


We will happily accept old pieces of our clothing - no matter what conditions they are in, and will take responsibility to recycle them, turn them into something new and prevent them from ending up where they do not belong. For every item you send us, we will give you 20% off your next purchase.

If you wish to send us our old pieces back, or you would like more information about what to do with your used clothing, please email We will guide you from there.

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