Majority of fashion company's impact
starts with
the choice
of material.  


We are committed to always use sustainable and earth friendly material where possible.

Majority of our collection is made with Econyl® regenerated nylon, with long sleeve crop tops made from bamboo.


Econyl® nylon is 100% regenerated from pre & post consumer waste such as discarded fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic components from landfills and oceans.

Every 10.000 tons of Econyl®

saves 70.000 barrels of crude oil & avoids 57.100 tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions

making it not only one of the solutions to reduce waste, but to also reduce the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80% compared with the material from oil.


Reaching more than 100 feet in height, bamboo is the largest member of the grass family and the fastest growing woody plant in the world. The high growth rate of bamboo and the fact that bamboo can grow in diverse climates makes the bamboo plant a sustainable and versatile resource. Because it grows quickly, there is no need for pesticides or fertilizers, making the fabric smooth and hypoallergenic - perfect for those who experience allergic reaction to other natural fibers.
Bamboo is also extremely breathable.

To prevent waste and pieces of clothing being unused, we produce our collections in small volumes.

If some of our pieces become unsold, we guarantee to bring them back in the future months with new collections.



We order our fabric responsibly to ensure we use it all. All cuts that were left behind are used to make other pieces and the small ones are given to local schools, where they are used to make floor mats for outside use.

We decided to offer from time to time factory seconds' products and items that are not to full price standards for sale to simply limit producing unnecessary waste. The pieces are of small dents, usually hard to notice - label care printed wrong is the main example. We sell these pieces in lower price.


Our recycled fabric is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified - This means that the finished fiber has been tested for any chemicals that may be harmful to a person’s health and has been found to contain no trace chemicals that pose any health threat whatsoever.